Early days

In 2009, brother Abdul Malik led a group to hajj with Dr Khalid Khan.

Who We Are

Ibrahim Tours have been running for a number of years and its management team have over 10 years of experience in arranging hajj and umrah and accompanying groups to complete the sacred journey of a lifetime.

Our experience has brought us closer to many partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including airlines and hotels, which in turn allows us to negotiate great deals, and more importantly for us to build a relationship based on trust, so that you can be rest assured that your trip will be hassle-free bi-ithnillah (by the Will of Allah)

We take joy in being able to provide a personal service to all of our quests, from the moment to booking the hajj or umrah, to the moment that the rites have been completed.  We have excellent feedback from all of the brothers and sisters that have been on hajj and umrah with us and the testimonies from our past hujjaj helps us to continue to deliver an unparalleled service to those travelling with us.

We arrange everything from flights, hotels, transportation and in getting the visas for your travel; all you have to do is choose a date and pick your package!

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Our Religious Guides

Dr Khalid Khan


Dr Khalid Khan appears on Islam Channel on IslamiQA programme, normally on Tuesdays between 8 and 9pm

Abu Ahmed


Notable for his lectures at East London mosque especially his explanation of works done by Ibn Hajar Asqalanai on Fath-ul-Bari

Abu Maryam


Abu Ubaid


Ali Hasan


Muhammad Umar Al-Hijazi


Sulaiman Ghani


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